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Wailord XY

Full Name:

Wailord WaterSpout




Aftermath Crew Member(former) and Contestant

Elimination Episode(s):

TPI:Those Talented Campers

TPA:Drama in the Virtual World


TPL:Give the Performance of Your Game













Total Pokemon Island, Total Pokemon Action, Total Pokemon Live and Total Pokemon Allstars

Premiere Season:

Total Pokemon Island



Wailord, labeled, The Lovable Oaf started out as a Wailmer and eventually evolved to a Wailord.  He was a camper on Total Pokemon Island and was on Team Regice. He was a castmate on Total Pokemon Action and was on Team Yanmega. He didn't qualify for Total Pokemon World Tour/Musical, but had a segment on the Tangrowth and Medicham Show. He was a crew member on Total Pokemon Live and was on Team Tauros and Team Sceptile.  He will premiere as an All Star on the possible relaunch of Miltank's show on Total Pokemon Allstars.

Wailord XY
Wailmer XY
Wailord XY

Evolution Line

1st Stage Evolutionary Line 2nd Stage
Wailmer XY
Rare candy dw
Wailord XY
~ Prior to Karma's a B&*% ~

Stats and Info

  • Category: the Float Whale Pokemon
  • Type: Water 
    Water sign
  • Height: 47'07"
  • Weight: 877.4 lbs
  • Ability: Oblivious
  • Nature: Gentle 
  • Shape: 
    Pokemon Shape 03
  • Generation of Show: 1st Generation (Original Total Pokemon Series)
  • Number of Seasons Competed In: 4
  • Premiere Season: Total Pokemon Island
  • Moves
    • Water Spout 
      Water sign
    • Heavy Slam 
      Steel sign
    • Rest 
      Psychic sign
    • Surf 
      Water sign

Wailord XY back
Wailmer XY back
Wailord XY back


Wailmer grew up off the coast of Slateport City with his mother, father, younger brother and two older sisters. He had never felt aggression before, since his life was so carefree. His family went everywhere and did everything with smiles on their faces, it seemed like nothing could get them down. His mother Karenlord, always taught her children to win people over with kindness. Wailord joined Total Pokemon Island as a life experience and to make new friends, sadly not everyone lives in a blissful state.

Total Pokemon Island

Wailord wanted to use kindness to work his way through the game. He wasn't super focused on winning, but maybe if he was he'd get farther then he did. He started out on Team Regice as a Wailmer with; Azurill, Poliwag, Misdreavus, Glameow, Beldum, Shinx, Cleffa, Igglybuff and Doduo. In Cliff Diving Anyone?; Wailmer is one of the four chickens on his team. That night at the Bonfire Ceremony, he finds himself on the chopping block with Doduo, but Wailmer's spared. In The Big Sleep; he's the third camper to fall asleep, but is safe when Misdreavus wins. In Dodge Berry; he competes in the second match with; Shinx, Misdreavus, Glameow and Poliwag. In the middle of the match, the team tells Wailmer to keep his berry with being the only one the team had left. He stupidly forgets and gets Treecko, immediately costing them the second match. That night at the Bonfire Ceremony; he's on the chopping block with Beldum, but is spared that night. In Those Talented Campers; Misdreavus, Cleffa, Igglybuff and Wailmer compete in the talent show. Cleffa and Igglybuff help Wailmer with his Water Spout talent. The rehearsal goes well, but with Wailmer's nerves that night at the challenge, he shoots the girls through the roof. At the fourth Bonfire Ceremony, he's unanimously voted off the island. Wailmer becomes the 4th camper voted off and lands in 38th place.

Total Pokemon Action

Total Pokemon World Tour/Musical

Total Pokemon Live

Total Pokemon Allstars

Alternate Reality

Appearance and Life After Time Skip


Sprites Used Through the Seasons


  • Wailord's Theme Song from the TPI-pods is Vega 4's "Life is Beautiful"
    Vega 4 - Life Is Beautiful

    Vega 4 - Life Is Beautiful


Placement or Role in Season


~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Island ~
Previous Episode After
Beldum Those Talented Campers Ponyta
~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Action ~
Previous Episode After
Jynx Drama in the Virtual World Nidoking
~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Live ~
Previous Episode After
Garchomp Give the Performance of Your Game TBA

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