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Mantine XY

Full Name:

Mantine AquaRing





Elimination Episode(s):

TPI:Ar U Cereus?

TPA:The Duskmare Before Jynxmas


TPL:Where Was the Studio Again?













Total Pokemon Island, Total Pokemon Action, Total Pokemon Live and Total Pokemon Allstars

Premiere Episode:

Cliff Diving Anyone?


Castforms (Conquered)

Mantine, labeled, The ADD Freak was a camper on Total Pokemon Island and was on Team Regirock and Team Gyrados. He was a castmate on Total Pokemon Action and was on Team Yanmega and Team Electivire. He didn't qualify for Total Pokemon World Tour/the Musical, but had a segment on The Tangrowth and Medicham Show. He was a crew member on Total Pokemon Live and was on Team Nidoqueen.  He will premiere as an All Star on the possible relaunch of Miltank's show on Total Pokemon Allstars.
Mantine XY
Mantyke XY
Mantine XY

Evolution Line

1st Stage Evolutionary Line 2nd Stage
Mantyke XY
Mantine XY
~ Breaking the Alliance ~

Stats and Info

  • Category: the Kite Pokemon
  • Type: Water/Flying 
    Water Flying sign
  • Height: 6'11"
  • Weight: 485 lbs
  • Ability: Swift Swim
  • Nature: Naive
  • Shape: 
    Pokemon Shape 9
  • Generation of Show: 1st Generation (Original Total Pokemon Series)
  • Number of Seasons Competed In: 4
  • Premiere Season: Total Pokemon Island
  • Moves
    • Surf 
      Water sign
    • Strength 
      Normal sign

Mantine XY back
Mantyke XY back
Mantine XY back


Total Pokemon Island

Mantyke entered the competition in Episode 6 Pokemon Battle Anyone?. He joined Team Regirock with; Magmar, Staravia, Gabite, Houndoom, Spiritomb, Lopunny, Drifloon, Whismur and Vulpix. In Are You Scared Now?; Mantyke faces his worse fear, Castforms. In Breaking the Alliance; Mantyke becomes a Hunter with; Delcatty, Houndoom, Drifloon, Vulpix and Loudred. During the challenge a Remoraid randomly attaches itself to Mantyke and he evolves to a Mantine. In To Be Trusted or Not To Be Trusted, That is the Challenge; Mantine competes in the Eating Competition with Luxio but accidentally burns him. In Throwing a Wrench in the Game; Mantine receives a Black Ball and put under the judgement of Houndoom with Chimecho and Drifblim. Houndoom saves the guys, but eliminates the Southern Belle. In Time to Switch Teams; Mantine is put on Team Gyarados with; Grovyle, Jynx, Porygon-2, Cherrim, Houndoom, Bellossom, Espeon, Bronzong and Nidorino. In Oooh Shiny; Mantine is paired with Espeon to find Shiny Sceptile. In We're Human; Mantine faces off against Red and loses. That night he finds himself beside Bronzong on the chopping block. He's spared while the Bell Pokemon is sent packing. In Ar U Cereus?; Mantine decides to take control of Team Gyarados, when the Co-Captains are constantly kissing. When deciding to choose which Pokemon to follow to the Heaven's Pipe, Mantine makes the wrong choice and follows the dumb Shiny Slowbro. At the Bonfire Ceremony later that night Mantine is sent packing. Mantine becomes the 24th camper voted off and lands in 19th place.

Total Pokemon Action

Total Pokemon World Tour/Musical

Total Pokemon Live

Total Pokemon Allstars

Alternate Reality

Appearance and Life After Time Skip


Sprites Used Through the Seasons



Placement or Role in Season

The Best of Mantine

The Best of Mantine



~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Island ~
Previous Episode After
Clefable Ar U Cereus? Staraptor
~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Action ~
Previous Episode After
Bella Lee The Duskmare Before Jynxmas Milotic
~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Live ~
Previous Episode After
Machamp Where Was the Studio Again? Ellamise

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