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Jynx XY

Full Name:

Jynx Mime-KeyStone





Elimination Episode(s):

TPI: Red, White and Pink Rhyhorns

TPA: Pokemon Geniouses

TPWT: Belle La No Friends

TPL: Downsizing to Three









Jynxie Mime(mother), Willy Mime(father), Alakabraiden(brother) and Jynitomb(daughter)


Sceptile(ended), Hitmonlee(one side on his side) and Spiritomb(current)


Total Pokemon Island, Total Pokemon Action, Total Pokemon World Tour, Total Pokemon Live and Total Pokemon Allstars

Premiere Episode:

Cliff Diving Anyone?


Being alone in the woods


Jynx, labled, The Nature Loving Girl started out as a Smoochum and eventually evolved into Jynx.  She was a camper on Total Pokemon Island and was on Team Registeel and Team Gyrados. She was a castmate on Total Pokemon Action and was on Team Togekiss. She was a tourist on Total Pokemon World Tour/Musical and was on Team Chatot. She was a crew member on Total Pokemon Live on Team Miltank and Team Sceptile. She will premiere as an All Star on the possible relaunch of Miltank's show on Total Pokemon Allstars.

Jynx XY
Smoochum XY
Jynx XY

Evolution Line

1st Stage Evolutionary Line Final Stage
Smoochum XY
Rare candy dw
Jynx XY
~ Those Talented Campers ~

Stats and Info

  • Category: the Human Shape Pokemon
  • Type: Ice/Psychic 
    Ice Psychic sign
  • Height: 4'07"
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Ability: Dry Skin
  • Nature: Gentle
  • Shape: 
    Pokemon Shape 12
  • Generation of Show: 1st Generation (Original Total Pokemon Series)
  • Number of Seasons Competed In: 5
  • Premiere Season: Total Pokemon Island
  • Moves:
    • Heart Stamp 
      Psychic sign
    • Ice Beam 
      Ice sign
    • Psychic 
      Psychic sign
    • Psych Up 
      Psychic sign
Jynx XY back
Smoochum XY back
Jynx XY back


Jynx was raised by her mother, Jynxie Mime and her father the famous Willy Mime. She was raised in a very passive household and was raised to respect all living things. She's a vegetarian by choice and because of how she raised. Her mother has always been what you'd call a tree hugger and Jynx could surf perfectly before the age of 3, with her Older Brother Kadabraiden Mime being a pro. She's amazing on water, but land is another story. She's the most clumsy one in her family. She's always been a peaceful girl, never aggressive at all and always has her heart on her sleeve. She entered the contest to just get life long friends and help her mom out with the money at the end. But for a peace loving girl, this competition was way more then she expected.

Total Pokemon Island

Jynx wanted the competition to be fun and get some friends, before she won. Sadly her hormones and heart got in the way. She started out on Team Registeel with; Combee, Chinchou, Hippopotas, Skitty, Porygon, Happiny, Treeko, Chingling and Jumpluff. In Cliff Diving Anyone?, her team jumped last and she jumped with the other 10 jumpers on her team. In The Big Sleep her team was woken up by a Groudon. She also started her long lasting relationship with Sceptile. She got second place in the Awake-a-thon, but Team Regirock had already lost so they were safe. In Dodge Berry her and the other girls on her team are woken up by Grimer and Muks. She played in the second round with; Happiny, Treeko, Chinngling and Hoppip versus Team Regiice. She manged to take out Glameow, but was later taken out by Misdreavus. In Those Talented Campers, she was chosen along with Skitty to represent Team Registeel with her psychic juggling. She ended up placing first and won the challenge for her team. After the challenge Treeko and Smoochum share their first of many kisses and evolve to Grovyle and Jynx. In Pokemon Battle Anyone?, she competed in the third match alongisde Sceptile facing off against Team Regiice's Azurill and Glameow. She ended up winning the battle by KOing Purugly at the end. In Are You Scared Now?, Jynx admits her mortal fear is being left alone in the woods. In the challenge the next day, she ends up conquering her fear along with the other 8 member of Team Registeel. In The Good, the Bad and the Delcatty, she says in the Confessional Can she feels bad Poliwhirl got voted out over a person like Purugly. During the challenge she takes control and becomes the head chef and tells the team they're making her mom's famous Poke Pound Cake. They end up losing because Lanturn leaves Delcatty alone and the airhead puts cement in the cake instead of cinnamon. In To Be Trusted or Not To Be Trusted, That is the Challenge, she competes in the second blindfold challenge with Nidorino, but ends up slipping and losing it. Luckily, Team Regirock sledded right off the waterfall giving Registeel and Regiice immunity. In Throwing a Wrench in the Game, she ends up receiving a black ball and her life in the game is put in the hands of Cherrim. At the Cherrim Bonfire Ceremony, she receives the first Cherrim doll and is immediatly safe. In Time to Switch Teams, she was put on Team Gyrados alongside; Grovyle(captain), Porygon-2, Cherrim, Houndoom, Vespiquen, Bellossom, Espeon, Bronzong, Mantine and Nidorino. While the team is trying to catch Nidorino while he sky dives, she asks Grovyle wha'ts romantic and he says writing someone's name in the snow with your pee, disapointing his girlfriend. During the Giant Tauros riding part of the X-Treme Torture challenge, she worries about her boyfriend Grovyle and Espeon tries to comfort her but fails. In the end her team wins thanks to Bellossom hanging on to the Wave Rider cord. In Oooh Shiny, she is paired up with Vespiquen to find the shiny powder. The girls end up finding Steelix third, but lose thanks to Nidorino's poor directional skills. In We're Human, she faces the 6th Sinnoh gym leader Byron and beats him with her Feraligatr. In Rotom Round-up, her and Sceptile catch the Wind Rotom when she uses psychic on it. They sadly end up losing because Bellossom sabotages her group of herself, Houndoom and Vespiquen to get one of them eliminated. She verifies with Houndoom that Vespiquen and Bellossom's fight cost them the challenge. Then she votes off Bellossom later that night at the Bonfire Ceremony. In Ar U Cereus?; Jynx and Sceptile's constant making out is driving the team nuts. Mantine volunteers to be captain, but ultimately fails. Lucky for the couple Mantine leaves instead. In Red, White and Pink Rhyhorns; Jynx's job is to paint a picture of Cherrim. After the picture is 3/4 of the way through she's stopped by Sceptile's tongue. Both teams lose and the couple finds themselves on the chopping block, but Jynx is the who gets axed. Jynx becomes the 28th camper voted out and ends up in 15th place.

Total Pokemon Action

Total Pokemon World Tour/Musical

Total Pokemon Live

Total Pokemon Allstars

Alternate Reality

Appearance and Life After Time Skip


Sprites Used Through Seasons


Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us


Hilary Duff - Wake Up

Hilary Duff - Wake Up

Placement or Role in Season

~ 11th Voted Out ~
Previous Season Next
Spiritomb Total Pokemon Action Starmie
~ 4th Voted Out ~
Previous Season Next
Poliwrath Total Pokemon World Tour Rapidash
~ 4th Place ~
Previous Season Next
Dodrio Total Pokemon Live Shaymin


~ Eliminated From Total Pokemon Island ~
Previous Episode Next
Ninetales Red, White and Pink Rhyhorns Hippowdon(again)
~ Eliminated From Total Pokemon Action ~
Previous Episode Next
Sceptile Pokemon Geniouses Wailord
~ Eliminated From Total Pokemon World Tour ~
Previous Episode Next
Marowak Belle La No Friends Clefable
~ Eliminated From Total Pokemon Live ~
Previous Episode Next
Metagross Downsizing to Three Garchomp

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