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Mega Garchomp XY

Full Name:

Garchomp FireFang





Elimination Episode(s):

TPI:Throwing a Wrench in the Game

TPA:New Lunatone


TPL:All for One, but One Must Fall









Garchomp(brother) and Gardoom(son)




Total Pokemon Island, Total Pokemon Action, Total Pokemon Live and Total Pokemon Allstars

Premiere Episode:

Cliff Diving Anyone?



Garchomp, labeled, The Fitness Buff started out as a Gible, evolved to Gabite and eventually to Garchomp.  She was a camper of Total Pokemon Isalnd and was on Team Regirock. She was a castmate on Total Pokemon Action and was on Team Togekiss and Team Magnezone. She didn't qualify for Total Pokemon World Tour/Musical, but was part of the Airport Sideshow crew. She was a castmate on Total Pokemon Live and was on Team Tauros and Team Marowak.  She will premiere as an All Star on the possible relaunch of Miltank's show on Total Pokemon Allstars.

Mega Garchomp XY
Female Garchomp XY
Female Gabite XY
Gible XY
Female Gabite XY
Female Garchomp XY
Mega Garchomp XY

Evolution Line

1st Stage Evolutionary Line 2nd Stage Evolutionary Line 3rd Stage Evolutionary Line Mega Stage
Gible XY
Rare candy dw
Gabite XY
Rare candy dw
Female Garchomp XY
Dream Garchompite Sprite
Mega Garchomp XY
~ The Scary Outdoors ~ Prior to Karma's a B&*% ~ Total Pokemon Allstars ~

Stats and Info

  • Category: the Mach Pokemon
  • Type: Dragon/Ground 
    Dragon Ground sign
  • Height: 6'03"
  • Weight: 209.4 lbs
  • Ability: Sand Veil
    • Mega Ability: Sand Force
  • Nature: Naughty
  • Shape: 
    Pokemon Shape 6
  • Footprint: 
    Garchomp Footprint
  • Generation of Show: 1st Generation(Original Total Pokemon Series)
  • Number of Seasons Competed In: 4
  • Premiere Season: Total Pokemon Island
  • Moves:
    • Dragon Rush 
      Dragon sign
    • Crunch 
      Dark sign
    • Flamethrower 
      Fire sign
    • Outrage 
      Dragon sign

Garchomp Mega XY back
Garchomp Female XY back
Gabite XY back
Gible XY back
Gabite XY back
Garchomp Female XY back
Garchomp Mega XY back


Growing up was difficult for Garchomp, most people besides her close friends don't know that she's the daughter of Cynthia's Garchomp. She always felt like she was living in her father's shadow, no matter how hard she trained. Her father always wanted a son and once her little brother was born, things seemed even worse. One day in a sparing match against a Dratini she was winning till her father appeared, she got nervous and let down her guard. Heartbroken and crushed by her defeat, she refused to lose again. Since she rarely saw her father, she vowed the next time they met she'd be his equal and be above her brother and father. She joined Total Pokemon Island to win and nothing else, but fate had other plans.

Total Pokemon Island

Garchomp came into the competition to blow through the competition and get her teammates respect with her athletic skills, sadly people couldn't read her mind. She started out on Team Regirock as a Gible with; Magby, Shellos, Starly, Slakoth, Houndour, Cherubi, Spiritomb, Buneary and Ponyta. In Cliff Diving Anyone?; Gible is one of the jumpers for her team. In The Big Sleep; she's the 17th camper to fall asleep. When her team loses she remains safe. In Dodge Berry; Team Regirock is woken up by the interns. Gible freaks out, scaring her fellow Regirock girls. She competes in the first match with; Spiritomb, Cherubi, Magby and Houndour. Her and Houndour take out Combee and Chinchou winning the match for their team. In The Scary Outdoors; Gible, Spiritomb and Ponyta go to get firewood and while Ponyta is doing nothing, Gible rages. So when an Ursaring appears, Gible beats the crap out of it and evolves to Gabite. In a race back to camp, Gabite puts the lazy horse on her back, when she refuses to run. They lose anyway and boot the lazy, Ponyta. In Pokemon Battle Anyone?; She competes in the second match alongside Shellos. Gabite uses Giga Impact taking out Hippopotas, but is KOed by Lanturn. In Are You Scared Now?; Gabite admits her fear is Mew and conquers it for her team. In A Dark Deal with Darkrai; Gabite complains about Lopunny being lazy during the challenge. When the team loses her, Houndoom as the new captain orders Gabite to find her. Gabite finds her sleeping and quickly joins Lopunny in Dreamland, courtesy of Purugly. That night at the Bonfire Ceremony; Gabite and Lopunny are on the chopping block, but Lopunny's sent home. In Breaking the Alliance; Gabite becomes a Stantler with Cherrim, Spiritomb, Magmar and Staravia. In To Be Trusted or Not To Be Trusted, That is the Challenge; Gabite competes in the Blind Toboggan race with Houndoom, but the two catch a hill and fly down a waterfall. In Throwing a Wrench in the Game; Gabite receives a black ball putting her fate in Nidorino's hands. Later that night he sends her home. Gabite becomes the 14th camper voted out and ends up in 29th place.

Total Pokemon Action

Total Pokem World Tour/Musical

Total Pokemon Live

Total Pokemon Allstars

Alternate Reality

Appearance and Life After Time Skip


Sprites Used Through the Seasons


  • Garchomp's Theme Song from the TPI-pods is The Offspring's "You're Gonna Go Far Kid"
    The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

    The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid


Placement or Role in Seasons


~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Island ~
Previous Episode After
Drifblim Throwing a Wrench in the Game Wigglytuff
~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Action ~
Previous Episode After
Flygon New Lunatone Vespiquen
~ Eliminate from Total Pokemon Live ~
Previous Episode After
Jynx All for One, but One Must Fall Wailord

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