Regirock Chatot Shaymin

Exploud XY

Full Name:

Exploud HyperVoice





Elimination Episode(s):

TPI:Throwing a Wrench in the Game


TPWT:Come Around for a Bite














Total Pokemon Island, Total Pokemon World Tour and Total Pokemon Allstars

Premiere Episode:

Pokemon Battle Anyone?



Exploud, labeled, The Easily Excited Guy started out as a Whismur, evolved to a Loudred and eventually to an Exploud.  He was a camper on Total Pokemon Island and was on Team Regirock. He didn't qualify for Total Pokemon Action, but was a commentator on the Aftermath Show. He was a tourist on Total Pokemon World Tour/Musical and was on Team Chatot and Team Shaymin. He did not qualify for Total Pokemon Live.  He will not compete on Total Pokemon Allstars, but will be a guest on the Plundering Planeterium
Exploud XY
Loudred XY
Whismur XY
Loudred XY
Exploud XY

Evolution Line

1st Stage Evolutionary Line 2nd Stage Evolutionary Line 3rd Stage
Whismur XY
Rare candy dw
Loudred XY
Rare candy dw
Exploud XY
~ A Dark Deal with Darkrai ~ To Be Trusted or Not To Be Trusted, That is the Challenge ~

Stats and Info

  • Category: the Loud Noise Pokemon
  • Type: Normal 
    Normal sign
  • Height: 4'11"
  • Weight: 185.2 lbs
  • Ability: Soundproof
  • Nature: Jolly 
  • Shape: 
    Pokemon Shape 6
  • Footprint: 
    Exploud Footprint
  • Generation of Show: 1st Generation (Original Total Pokemon Series)
  • Number of Seasons Competed In: 3
  • Premiere Season: Total Pokemon Island
  • Moves
    • Hyper Voice 
      Normal sign
    • Headbutt 
      Normal sign
    • Overheat 
      Fire sign

Exploud XY back
Loudred xy back
Whismur xy back
Loudred xy back
Exploud XY back


Total Pokemon Island

Whismur entered the competition in Episode 6 Pokemon Battle Anyone?. He joined Team Regirock with; Magmar, Shellos, Staravia, Gabite, Cherrim, Houndoom, Spiritomb, Lopunny, Mantyke, Drifloon and Vulpix. In Are You Scared Now?; Whismur faces his worst fear, Chatots. In A Dark Deal with Darkrai; Oddish pulls Whismur deep into New Moon Island and a Deoxys helps the duo, evolve to Gloom and Loudred. In Breaking the Alliance; Loudred is made a Hunter with; Delcatty,Houndoom, Mantyke, Drifloon and Vulpix. In The Good, the Bad and the Delcatty; Loudred and Luxio compete in a sparing match and evolve to Exploud and Luxray. In Throwing a Wrench in the Game; Exploud receives a Black Ball and is put under judgement by Cherrim, along with; Jynx and Chansey. In the end Cherrim saves the girls and gives Exploud the boot, for being a loudmouth. Exploud becomes the 16th camper voted off and lands in 27th place.

Total Pokemon Action

Total Pokemon World Tour/Musical

Total Pokemon Live

Total Pokemon Allstars

Alternate Reality

Appearance and Life After Time Skip


Sprites Used Through the Seasons


  • Exploud's Theme song from the TPI-pods is Mike Posner's "Cooler Then Me"
    Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me

    Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me


Placement or Role in Season


~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon Island ~
Previous Episode After
Wigglytuff Throwing a Wrench in the Game Skiploom
~ Eliminated from Total Pokemon World Tour ~
Previous Episode After
Mismagius Come Around for a Bite Sudowoodo

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